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Ryoji Koie 鯉江良二

Born in Tokoname in 1938, one of the oldest ceramic centers in Japan, Koie Ryoji 鯉江良二 studied ceramics locally until 1966 when he began working independently. One of the most versatile and forward-thinking of Japan’s contemporary artists, Koie is best known as a ceramist. His love for experimentation has led to his creation of “ceramic happenings,” with themes that are social and often political critiques of the horrors of the 20th century. He makes traditional forms such as tea bowls, saki bottles, plates and vases with simple glazes and sometimes scored markings. His works deliberately evoke a primitive essence of fired clay.

Considered one of Japan’s most innovative ceramic artists, Ryoji Koie has exhibited internationally and taken part in numerous workshops and conferences around the world.  His ceramics are in private collections throughout the world and such prestige collections as Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK, Idemitsu Museum, Tokyo, The Museum of Fine Art, Gifu, National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Tokoname Municipal Hall, Aichi, The Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art, Yamaguchi, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea, Kyungsung University Museum, Busan, Korea, Museo de Art Moderno, Buenos Aires, Argentina, National Gallery of Victoria, Australia  deYoung Museum, San Francisco, Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and many more.