The Nevica Project

Richard Serra

Born in 1935, Richard Serra has explored and expanded the possibilities of printmaking since 1972. World famous as a sculptor, it is clear through the visual power, variety and large number of prints he has produced over the years, that the medium of printmaking is not merely of marginal interest to him. Working primarily with metal plates, Serra utilizes the "directness" of lithography, drawing on aluminum and copper as on a sheet of paper. His printmaking informs, and is informed by, his work in other mediums. Collected across the globe, Serra's work engages the viewer, exploring the perception of volume and weight, figure-ground relationships, movement and grace. "I think you can't look at these works without being curious about how these things physically came into being," said Serra from a recent interview in 'Art on Paper.' "You become the audience in reconstructing the process of their making."