The Nevica Project

John Glick

John Glick (1938 – 2017) was an American Abstract Expressionist ceramicist born in Detroit, MI. Though open to artistic experimentation, Glick was most influenced by the styles and aesthetics of Asian pottery. His experience working with ceramics led him to publish several articles about the craft. In addition to producing pottery, Glick began making "landscape oriented" wall panels during the latter part of his career. Known as "the people's potter," he is primarily remembered for his contributions to art and the field of ceramics.

Glick’s artwork has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums including the Cranbrook Art Museum, The Morean Arts Center, Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, Newark Museum of Art, and Los Angeles County Museum of Art. His work is also a part of collections across the globe including the Craft and Folk Art Museum, Delaware Art Museum, Detroit Institute of Arts, Kansas City Art Museum, Gardiner Museum, and Yixing Art Museum.