The Nevica Project

The Caroline and Dan Anderson Contemporary Ceramic Collection 

The Nevica Project is pleased to announce we are representing the Caroline and Dan Anderson Contemporary Ceramic Collection. Caroline and Dan have been purchasing and trading ceramics for the past five decades to build one of the most comprehensive and stunning ceramic collections in the world. It features both pottery and sculptural works dating back to the early works of Voulkos, DeVore, MacKenzie, Shaner, and Ferguson to the newer talents such as Jason Walker, Sergei Isupov, Kevin Snipes, etc. I have personally known Dan for many years and have immense respect for him as an educator, artist and collector. Recently I have also had the pleasure of spending time with his charming wife Caroline, whom has been an integral part of building this unique collection. She is also a marvelous glass artist. 

We are extremely excited to offer the public a chance to view and purchase artwork from this collection. The collection is in southern Illinois (just 30 minutes from the St. Louis airport) and we will be organizing collector tours for interested parties. We hope you enjoy this rare opportunity as much as we have enjoyed working together to launch this unique sale. Please contact us immediately with your interests. All work will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis! If you see something you would like to purchase, contact us immediately. If there are artists' work you are searching for, send me some names because there are MANY pieces not featured on our website.

Here are just a few names of artists in the collection-
Akio Takamori, Don Reitz, Chris Gustin, John Balistreri, Richard Notkin, Josh DeWeese, Sergei Isupov, Jason Walker, Charity Davis- Woodard, Warren MacKenzie, Ruggles & Rankin, Michael Simon, Richard DeVore, Viola Frey, Peter Voulkos, Ken Ferguson, David Shaner, many Takaezu's, Dale Chihuly (glass), Chris Staley, Sam Chung, Kevin Snipes, Simon Levin, Geoff Wheeler, Ron Meyers, Oestreich, Beth Lo, Tim Rowan, Robert Archambeau, Linda Sikora, Matt Metz, Betty Woodman, Owen Rye, Chester Nealie, Mark Shapiro, Janet Mansfield, Jeff Shapiro, Mark Pharis, Sandy Simon, Bob Brady, LInda Christianson, Bunny McBride, Eva Kwong, Kirk Mangus, Walter Keeler, Matt Long etc etc etc.... 
And also a large assortment of ethnographic African, Korean and Chinese pottery.

Please send all inquiries to


Caroline and Dan Anderson   at NCECA Seattle 2012

Caroline and Dan Anderson at NCECA Seattle 2012